HTTPS can be insecure too. Using a signed certificate does not imply the (Transport) configuration of the web server is secure.

The data in these pages are periodically obtained from the "Worst scores" box on the Qualys SSL Server Test page.
These guys do know how to configure HTTPS securely. IP-api provides the mapping between hostnames and countries hosting the systems and Google GeoChart takes care of displaying the data on world and continental maps.

This is probably not the most scientific way to tell how geographically distributed insecure HTTPS servers are and I will not claim this to be more than a sample from public submissions, but above the 100K+ entries (for U.S. based sites only) and entries from the smallest islands in the Pacific Ocean, I have been able to run some interesting queries; some tips: bank, pay, secure, vpn, login, in different languages.

YouTube icon sample #1 YouTube icon sample #2 PDF icon sample #3 HTML icon sample #4

(*) appeared on Qualys SSL Labs' SSL Server Test, Recent Worst box.

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