∃lio Torri∫i

System, Network, Security Engineer

"Find something you love to do and you'll never have to work a day in your life"

(Arthur Szathmary)

I am as old as the Summer of love ...I could not say I have worked much ☺


was a dmoz.org Web Design and Development entry in 1998 (I was a dmoz.org editor between 1998 and 2004)
Dmoz.org database was Google Groups reference content until shutdown, in 2007.

Currently hosting a searchable Geographic Distribution of

(based on open data from SSLLabs).
# whoami↩

I write software since 1984. My first computer had a 985 Hz CPU, 38 KB memory and 170 KB floppy disks.
I studied bitmap graphics before image scanners were available and digital animation before video capture was technically possible.
In the years (Macromedia, later Adobe) Flash actually provided advanced web content I produced commercial work which stood online for twelve years unmodified and trained a creative agency.
In the same period I bought my first 35 mm. camera and spent a lot of time in the dark room, processing b/w and color slides film and printing the former. I had the pleasure to cover two summer and one winter Jazz seasons of the Acireale Jazz Festival as official photographer.

Since the first modem connection to the internet, in the 90's, I am interested in networking and system security.
I am a Linux and Open Source user/developer since then.

Since 2002 I live in the Netherlands, where I have worked as a Network Security Engineer and System Administrator.
Currently Senior IT Engineer for Forescout Technologies.

I maintained a small

and I am currently taking care of translating some

Elio Torrisi

The Netherlands

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